Spatial video chat and collaboration for teams & events

GroupRoom brings digital hybrid workplaces to Citrix Workspaces! Create a digital twin of your physical offices allowing your onsite and remote employees to move around virtual spaces and collaborate with their co-workers nearby just like in real life (IRL). Embed Microsoft and Google Docs, YouTube videos, whiteboards, screen shares, and private video conferencing rooms to increase productivity and return to normalcy.

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GroupRoom Microapp for Citrix Workspace

Get back together with GroupRoom digital hybrid workplaces!

When most everyone was in the office or everyone remote, work was simple. Now half your staff is back in the office and half remote. GroupRoom's digital hybrid workplace solution creates a digital twin of your office and brings everyone back together both physically onsite and remotely.

GroupRoom simulates in real life behavior online by allowing many people to move around a room/space or an office floor plan to interact with others at the same time via spatially-aware video chat with proximity algorithms.

GroupRoom creates a listening radius around your video avatar allowing you to engage with people near you. Add in collaboration tools such as Google Docs, YouTube videos, whiteboards, screen shares, and private video rooms, and you may start feeling normal (and productive) again.

Our Citrix Workspace Microapp allows your employees create group rooms for your company and teams. Share GroupRoom links for meetings, breakout rooms, and virtual workplaces. Get notified via Citrix Workspace with people join your group room. Chat from Citrix Workspace directly into group rooms.

GroupRooms support up to 50 people in video chats per space with many conversations and collaboration sessions happening at once while linking 100s or 1000s of spaces together. You simply move your video avatar around the space to speak with people near you (just like "in real life"). Collaboration tools include: embedded web pages, Google suite, YouTube videos, screen shares, whiteboards, and private rooms.

Getting started is simple:

  1. Download the GroupRoom Microapp and import it into your Citrix Workspace.
  2. Contact hello@grouproom.io for an apiKey.
  3. Add your new apiKey to the Citrix Workspace configuration screen.