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Introducing Virtual Workplaces

GroupRoom brings people back together again in virtual 2D spaces!

Our proximity-based video chat and collaborations platform allows people to move around a space and interact with others nearby just like in real life (IRL).

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Here's how it works:

Upload Room Image

Upload any size 2D floorplan or image to your space and invite your team with the link provided.

Move Video Chat Bubble

Move your video chat bubble with arrow keys or by dragging it with your mouse closer to colleagues.

Communicate & Collaborate

Video chat and collaborate with people near you. Embed docs, videos, whiteboards, and screenshares.

GroupRoom is the next best thing to working together IRL

Start hosting your team collaborations, meetings, conferences, classrooms, breakrooms, and even happy hours in GroupRoom.
  • Hangout and collaborate with up to 50 people per room
  • Link multiple rooms or spaces together to accommodate 100s or 1000s of attendees
  • Upload room background images or office floor plans to create digital twins and virtual offices

GroupRoom Features

Video Chat

Spatially-aware HD video chat with friends and colleagues nearby just like in real life. Move around digital venues like a video game to chat with others.

Spatial Audio

Just like in real life (IRL), people, announcers, and YouTube videos get louder as you move closer to them and softer as you move away.

Collaboration Tools

Embed multiple Google Docs (docs, slides, and sheets), YouTube videos, whiteboards, screen shares, and private video conferencing rooms.

Room Announcements

Room creators can configure room collaboration tools and room announcement permissions. Musician settings for high fidelity are also available.

Room Linking

Link an unlimited number of rooms and spaces together to create large-scale office, conference, and expo venues (as well as break rooms, night clubs, outdoor beach scenes, etc.

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning is available for hearing impaired employees and difficult to understand accents.

Language Translations

Say goodbye to language barriers. Now anyone can communicate with everyone thanks to our real-time global language translator.


Add color status indicator rings around your video chat avatar to indicate your availability to chat. We also have location (home or office) indicators and scheduling tools.

Private & Secure

All communications are conducted over 2,048 bit SSL encryption and peer-to-peer encrypted WebRTC audio and video. Rooms can also be password protected.


REST APIs and WebHooks are available to integrate GroupRoom into other third-party apps.


GroupRoom is designed to run in web browsers including mobile devices and tablets. No downloads. Simply share our GroupRoom link with others via chat or calendar invitations.

Free & Pro Plans

We offer free plans for small teams and Pro plans for larger teams with collaboration tools. Enterprise plans are also available upon request.

Simple Pricing

Get started for free and upgrade as your team grows or requires more collaboration tools.


  • Up to 10 participants
  • 1 meeting room
  • 60 minute meetings
  • Basic room background
  • No collaboration tools
  • No room announcements
  • No private meeting rooms
  • * No credit cards required



  • Up to 25 participants per room
  • Unlimited meeting rooms
  • Unlimited meeting durations
  • Configurable room names
  • Room-wide announcements
  • Upload room backgrounds
  • Embed links & YouTube videos
  • Embed GoogleDocs & Whiteboards
  • Embed multiple screen sharing sessions
  • Embed private meeting rooms
  • * Includes 2,500 participant minutes per month



  • Supports all PRO-25 features
  • Up to 50 participants per room
  • * Includes 5,000 participant minutes per month

* Participant minutes are calculated as total number of attendees' minutes spent online across all rooms. Additional minutes can be purchased as needed.

Customer Testimonials

Our customers are championing GroupRoom throughout their organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

GroupRoom is secure, spatially-aware video chat platform offering from USA-based XPRANET, inc, the XR spatial Web company. If you are interested in 3D / VR spaces, checkout, our sister platform. For more information, please visit our about us page.

Yes. We offer a free plan limited to 10 concurrent users and a single room.

Yes. You can upgrade and downgrade plans as desired.

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