2020 has been quite a year.

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced the world to quarentines. Conferences and events were cancelled across calendars. People have learned how to work remotely from home. Zoom video meetings have become the norm for day-to-day operations. People have even resorted to video call happy hours for entertainment.

GroupRoom was created out of the need to help the world get back together - if not in person - as close to meeting in person as possible.

In real life (IRL), people move around the office or conference halls to meet with people. GroupRoom mimics this behavior by implementing spatially aware surroundings. Whether you're working in the office or hanging out with friends watching a movie at a party, people are always having a number of different conversations simultaneously.

GroupRoom creates a listening radius around your video avatar allowing you to engage with people near you. Add in collaboration tools such as Google Docs, YouTube videos, whiteboards, screenshares, and private video rooms, and you may start feeling normal again.

GroupRoom is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur (and hacker), @ChrisMatthieu. To date, Chris has built (and exited) five emerging tech platform companies including:

In addition to GroupRoom, Chris is also the founder and CEO of Twelephone (the Web telephone) and XRPANET (the XR Spatial Web company).

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