Spatial HD Audio & Video

Up to 50 participants can move freely throughout a space while only hearing conversations near them. GroupRoom leverages the latest in secure HD audio and HD video with end-to-end encryption.


Note: GroupRoom(s) have a broadcast mode allowing admins and/or participants to make announcements heard throughout the room. This feature could also be used to play background music or even a live band in a social setting.

Room Background Options

Participants move around rooms with mouse or WASD and arrow keys.


Matrix Construct

No background image.
Infinite grid layout.
Focus is on collaboration and conversation.


Full Screen Static

Background image can be uploaded and positioned to fit the full screen. Participants cannot move beyond the borders of the screen.


Infinite Canvas

Huge conference floorplans or social scenes can be uploaded as a canvas allowing participants to move freely beyond the screen borders.

Note: GroupRoom(s) can be infinitely interconnected to create a true virtual expo experience!

Collaboration Tools

Adminstrators and/or participants can "pin" Google Docs, YouTube videos (pre-recorded or live streams), interactive whiteboards, and even screensharing sessions to coordinates within a room (even off the screen on the infinite canvas).


Note: More features are being added as we speak...

Private Meeting Rooms

Adminstrators and/or participants can "pin" private meeting rooms to coordinates within a room (even off the screen on the infinite canvas). These video meeting rooms are similar to Zoom meetings but powered by WebRTC. This means that they are peer-to-peer with end-to-end encryption.



Administrator Portal

Administrators can create rooms, upload background images, define room types, and even set entry passwords on each room.



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